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Training Camp Package

  • compact packing list for your next training camp
  • competitive price
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€ 39.00

Special price Eur. 39.00 instead of Eur. 59.80
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Training Camp Package

The Training Camp Package includes the following products:

4 x High Energy Bar (Salty Nut, Apricot, Berry, Banana) Eur. 7.20

1 x Oat Pack Bar (Macadamia-Chufas) Eur. 2.30

1 x Oat Pack Bar (Creamy Caramel) Eur. 1.60

1 x Electrolyte Tabs (Fruit Mix) Eur. 4.70

1 x Energy Competition (Orange 400g) Eur. 11.00

1 x Swiss Whey Concentrate (Chocolate) Eur. 24.90

2 x Activator Eur. 3.40

1 x Sponser Bidon 0.75l Eur. 1.70

1 x Shaker Eur. 3.00

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