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Regeneration shakes are more favourable than solid foods because they can be consumed directly after a workout and the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the body. The shake is ready in minutes - just mix the fast-dissolving powder with water or milk.

Pro Recovery Short info
€ 43.00
  • Protein-Carb Recovery Shake
  • 20 g high quality Protein per portion
  • Unique combination of 8 protein components , incl. colostrum (from cow's milk)
  • No artificial sweeteners
Recovery Shake Short info
€ 26.00
  • Combines carbohydrate and protein sources
  • Wide effect spectrum: energy, growth, maintenance
  • Enriched with L-leucine (total 6 g BCAA) and L-glutamine (3 g per 100 g)
Recovery Drink Short info
from € 2.90
€ 39.90
  • Recovery drink with carbohydrates and protein
  • Quick recovery after sports
  • With whey protein, L-glutamine and L-leucine
  • Practical portion bag, preparation with water
  • Lactose- and gluten-free

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