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Multi component Protein

Protein mixtures from several types of protein, i.e. a multi-component or multi-protein, try to combine the different advantages or even compensate for disadvantages. Therefore, often slower and faster protein types are combined.

Pro Recovery Short info
€ 47.00
  • Protein-carbohydrate recovery shake
  • 44 – 50% protein
  • Unique combination of  7 protein sources, incl. colostrum, and complex carbohydrates
  • No sweeteners
Multi Protein Short info
from € 26.00
  • Multi-component protein: whey, casein and egg albumin
  • Versatile range of application: muscle building, recovery, meal replacement
  • High content of essential amino acids incl. BCAA
  • filtered, native milk protein quality
Low Carb Protein Shake Short info
€ 32.00
  • High quality protein from whey, milk and egg
  • Functional ingredients (L-carnitine, choline, dietary fibres)
  • Ideal companion in calorie-reduced nutritional phases

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