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Immune defence

Immune defence and health

A strong immune defence helps your body to stay fit, efficient and healthy. A healthy immune system is all the more important when we are confronted with new pathogens against which our individual immune system has not yet been able to develop specific defence bodies, or where there is only partial cross-immunity from encounters with similar pathogens. Our immune cells fulfil a variety of functions in a complex defence system and thus ensure that pathogens are recognised, rendered harmless and that we remain healthy or recover. The body stores recognition characteristics of pathogens with which it has been confronted and successfully fought off in a kind of database ("memory cells"). It can fall back on these and defend itself much more quickly if the same or a structurally very similar virus or bacterium attacks our body again.  In addition to our immune system, general hygiene measures naturally serve to prevent infection, as does the promotion of a healthy immune system through physical activity and a healthy diet, so that it is not burdened with other tasks and is fully operational.

Overview: how to reduce infection risk from pathogens

You can exert a decisive influence on your immune system and your health through your diet. A balanced, varied diet with lots of vegetables and fruits is the basis. This ensures a nutrient-dense supply of vital micronutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) in a natural way. In addition, a sufficient protein intake is also crucial, as an optimal protein metabolism is not only important for building and maintaining muscle mass, but also for many other functions (e.g. immune system, blood cells, enzymes, hormones). Moreover, strong defence forces depend not only on protein, vitamins and minerals, but also on a healthy intestinal flora. In addition, there are a number of other nutrients that provide a broad spectrum of effects due to their specific properties and thus contribute to a healthy, active and vital lifestyle.

Multi Protein Short info
from € 26.00
  • Multi-component protein: whey, casein and egg albumin
  • Versatile range of application: muscle building, recovery, meal replacement
  • High content of essential amino acids incl. BCAA
  • filtered, native milk protein quality
Low Carb Protein Shake Short info
€ 32.00
  • High quality protein from whey, milk and egg
  • Functional ingredients (L-carnitine, choline, dietary fibres)
  • Ideal companion in calorie-reduced nutritional phases
Vegan Protein Short info
€ 33.00
  • Vegan protein composition without animal components
  • Innovative protein composition based on pea, rice, yeast, chickpea and sunflower seeds
  • Gluten free, lactose free
  • More than 20 g protein per portion
OMEGA-3 PLUS Short info
€ 27.00
  • High dosage of omega-3 fish oil with vitamin D3
  • Particularly high EPA and DHA content (ideal for athletes)
  • High-quality citrus-flavoured supplement, without the fishy taste
  • Suitable for daily use
Swiss Whey Concentrate Short info
  • Whey protein concentrate, Swiss origin from grazing cows
  • Very good price-performance ratio for a small budget
Not in stock
Lactoferrin Short info
€ 39.90
  • Innovative food supplement for an effective iron absorption
  • Iron supports formation of blood cells and oxygen transport
  • Vitamin C helps reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Easy intake (daily ration = 2 capsules)
Immunoguard Short info
€ 27.50
  • Reinforcement of the immune system
  • On a natural, vegetable basis - free of additives
  • Application: preventive or acute
L-Glutamine Short info
€ 28.00
  • 100% pure L-glutamine – free amino acids without by-products
  • free of gluten, lactose and milk protein
  • vegetal
Senior Protein Short info
€ 36.00
  • Rich in functional ingredients such as whey protein, collagen and HMB for the maintenance of powerful muscles
  • Rich in calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D
  • Gluten-free, low in lactose

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