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Green tea

Green tea is well-known for its many health benefits in Asia as well as Europe and has become increasingly popular. It’s not only used in its brewed form but also as an extract in food supplements.

Pre-Workout Booster Apple-Raspberry Short info
€ 32.00
  • For intense workouts to maximise muscle pump and concentration
  • Multi-action complex for maximal NO formation 
  • Supports concentration and performance
  • Promotes recovery and muscle development 
Low Carb Burner Short info
€ 24.90
  • dietary fibres, green tea, coffee extract and milk peptides
  • 30% RDA with 10 vitamins
  • only 14 kcal/portion
Mental Focus Short info
€ 13.00
  • Easy intake thanks to cure package with ampoule and capsules

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