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Caffeine improves endurance performance and concentration. Available in concentrated form as 200 mg ampoules, 50 mg capsules and as an additive in LIQUID ENERGY PLUS gel or POWER GUMS (jellies).

With the genetic test of our partner COFFEGEN the caffeine metabolism type can be determined. Based on this, specific information about the individual amount and timing of the caffeine intake can be given. 

CogniVision Booster Short info
€ 34.90
  • Optimised carbohydrate composition for staggered energy supply, with isomaltulose and waxy maize starch
  • Extracts of green tea extract known from traditional use with standardised L-theanine content
  • Amino acids L-citrulline and L-theanine (from green tea)
Caffeine Caps Short info
€ 19.90
  • Caffeine for improved performance
  • Ideally dosable
  • Easily digestible
Coffeegen Starter Kit Short info
€ 69.95
  • Innovative caffeine gene test

  • Know your caffeine genotype
  • Benefit from personalised caffeine usage
Gums of Power Short info
€ 2.70
  • Quick and convenient energy source
  • Caffeine for better performance
  • Enriched with B-complex vitamins to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
Power Gums Short info
€ 2.70
  • Fast and convenient energy source
  • Caffeinated or with BCAAs
  • Tasty alternative to carbohydrate gels
Activator Short info
€ 1.70
  • Caffeine shot with 200mg of caffeine from different sources
  • Increase of endurance performance
  • Improvement of concentration and attention
  • At work and in everyday life as a "cold espresso", only 25 kcal

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