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Bars/Snacks (Low Carb)

Energy bars are a convenient alternative to protein drinks. SPONSER® offers many varieties of protein bars and snacks. Use the filter below to narrow down your search to low-carb energy bars.

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Crunchy Protein Short info
€ 2.50
  • Over 30% protein content
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Only 1.8 g sugar per bar
  • Ideal for everyday life and sports
Protein 50 Short info
€ 2.70
  • Only 2 g of impact carbs in a bar
  • Very tasty chocolate bar with 50% of proteins
  • Without choco coating
Protein Low Carb Short info
from € 2.50
  • 32% protein content
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Only 2 g sugar per bar
  • Ideal snack in everyday life
Protein Choco Almonds Short info
€ 3.20
  • high-quality whey protein
  • low-sugar, no added sugar
  • high in unsaturated fatty acids
Low Carb Protein Porridge Short info
€ 23.00
  • Natural, high-quality ingredients from nut flours
  • Rich in precious fibres
  • Quickly prepared

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