Sponser Sport Food ensures maximum quality standards and we guarantee a best product range. We do everything for no-risk products.. This is ensured thanks to the following quality procedures:

Certified raw materials
Our raw materials are free of impurities as a ISO FSSC 22000-certified Swiss food manufacturer, Sponser refrains from all
activities involving hormonally active, prohormonal and pharmaceutically active substances in its production,
storage and trading operations. We can therefore guarantee that neither our raw materials nor our finished
products come into contact with any questionable substances at any time.

Certified partners
Sponser Sport Food only cooperates with audited industrial partners and suppliers who also have ISO or GFSI-recognized certification. These maximum quality standards for the food industry guarantee the impeccable quality of our products.

All our raw materials are documented by quality agreements and are accompanied by an analysis certificate to allow end-to-end traceability.

Continuous monitoring
Sponser Sport Food and its suppliers are continuously subject to the high monitoringstandards of the Swiss Health Authorities.