Nutrition during competition

Nutrition during competition

Professionals consume their components very often according to a nutrition plan. The plan should be held relatively open, so that the individual and changing needs can be taken into account. We have briefly summarized the usual tips for you.

  • Energy need: plan approx. 60-80 g carbohydrates per hour. Barssports drinks and gels, are the most common sources. Bars usually deliver approx. 20-30 g carbohydrates per unit. Sports drinks usually deliver approx. 45 g carbohydrates per bottle (750 ml) and a Sponser gel in the tube delivers approx. 50 g carbohydrates. I.e. in order to get to the 60-80 g carbohydrates, the individual sources have to be skilfully combined with each other.

  • The liquid need is individual and should be adjusted according to your thirst. It is mainly determined by intensity and temperature. Altitude, airstream and cool temperatures can reduce your symptoms.

  • The longer the effort is, the more important is the electrolyte balance, respectively the replacement of salts, which get lost by sweating. During multi-day races as well as when temperatures are very high, it makes sense to take additional electrolytes. Sponser recommends to take approx. 2 units of Salt Caps per hour of activity, in addition to the ususal sports drink. 




  • Caffeine preparations are successfully used in endurance sports. They help in case of motivation and energy crisis. SPONSER offers many different products for a targeted supplementation i.e. Activator ampoulesPower Gums and Gels.

  • In case of a multi-day race, ensure sufficient protein intake. At breakfast, during and after finishing the race, the focus should be on products with high protein content. Appropriate Sponser products are the following: Whey Protein for breakfast, Ultra Pro after approx. 4-5 hours on the track as well as Pro Recovery for immediate regeneration after finishing. Protein Smoothies or Pre&After are also ready-to-use protein drinks, which can be consumed right after the finishing line.

  • After the finishing line, the focus will be on the formation of new glycogen storage for the following day.  1-2 portions Carbo Loader should be taken during the evening, which help to build-up your glycogen storages for the next day challenge.

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