Nutrition Issues

Nutrition Issues

The foundations for taking part in sports competitions are laid during the training phase. The most important objectives in the training phase are:

Building up strength


Targeted strength training achieves the most successful results if the muscles are supplied with sufficient proteins or amino acids before and after training.
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Increased endurance


The foundation for endurance is created by basic training. The supply of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes must be ensured in order to optimize the effects of training. If training sessions last more than two hours, it is also advisable to take additional proteins during exertion.
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Strengthening the body's defenses


Anti-oxidants (specifically selenium, vitamin C and Vitamin E) are essential in order to safeguard the immune defenses at high levels of exertion or stress.
Nucleotides are also extremely helpful for rapid regeneration and strong defenses.
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Optimizing the metabolism

  Various types of aerobic training are crucially important to improve the metabolism. In addition, the body needs numerous other functional nutrients for the metabolism, such as B-complex vitamins and prebiotic food fibers, etc.