Magnesium 375

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New – since the beginning of August we increased the magnesium content from 250 mg to 375 mg

MAGNESIUM 375 by SPONSER is a drinking ampoule with highly dosed 375 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is a vital mineral and is one of the 5 electrolytes. Known as a frequent deficiency element, not only athletes have often an increased demand for magnesium. Magnesium contributes to maintain a normal muscle function and supports a normal energy metabolism as well as the electrolyte balance. The vitamins B2 and C contribute to the reduction of exhaustion and fatigue.

Utilisation / Tip:
Ideally 1 ampoule in the evening or to a meal. Not directly before or after sport activities. Shake briefly before intake. For athletes who regularly suffer from acute uncontrolled muscle contractions, we also recommend the product MUSCLE RELAX. For longer-term magnesium supplementation, we recommend MAGNESIUM PLUS containing 20 portion sachets to mix.


- Display 30 x 25 ml
- Ampule 25 ml 

Price per 100 ml: EUR 4,40

EUR 33.00