Isotonic Sportdrink

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SPONSER Isotonic contains a wide carbohydrate spectrum, based on glucose, sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, isomaltulose and trehalose. The proportion of carbohydrate with low glycemic index supports the athletes during long lasting activities.

Carbohydrate electrolyte solutions contribute to maintenance of the endurance performance and improve the liquid intake during the activity.



Can 1000 g (12-17l)
Display 20 x 60 g (750ml)
Refill bag 780 g (10l)
Sachet 60 g (only in Red Orange available)

Flavour: Red Orange, Fruit Mix, Peach Citrus

  price per 100 g
single portion 39 g 3,21 €
can of 1000 g 1,99 €
bag of 780 g 1,91 €

EUR 19.90

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