general nutritional aspects

Genereal Nutritional Aspects

There are many factors that influence our eating and drinking behavior: individual needs and cravings, the way we feel from one day to the next, our social environment, the range of food currently available to us and also advertising. Our recommendations are intended for healthy adults. Other requirements (such as those of elderly people, children and youngsters, etc.) are not taken into account here

The Food Pyramid
The Food Pyramid represents a balanced mix of food which will guarantee an adequate supply of energy, vitally important nutrients and protective substances, and it plays a major part in our daily wellbeing. Foods at the lower levels of the pyramid should be eaten in larger quantities, while those at the higher levels should be consumed in smaller amounts. All the foods are allowed. It is important that they are selected and prepared with as much variety as possible, and preferably as appropriate to each season.

This chart and the above text were kindly made available to us by the Swiss Society for Nutrition

A special food pyramid for sportsmen developped by Dr. Samuel Mettler you will find here: