ACTIVATOR 100 / 200

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SPONSER® ACTIVATOR is a highly efficient, natural caffeine booster. It has been proven that it contributes to an increased endurance and more focussed performance. ACTIVATOR helps not only in sports, it also improves your general concentration and alertness.

Available in 2 versions:

ACTIVATOR 200 contains 200 mg of caffeine in free and bound form. It is particularly suitable for endurance sports, but also for power sports and explosive sport disciplines in which maximum concentration and alertness is required. For an optimal effect, caffeine should be consumed 1 h before exertion. The effects can last several hours, depending on the quantity consumed.

For people who prefer a lower caffeine dose, SPONSER now also offers the ACTIVATOR 100 (100 mg natural caffeine) with coffee and guarana extract – like an "optimised" Espresso alternative. Generally suitable for sport, work or leisure, if an increased alertness and concentration is required. 


Single flask or Display à 30 flasks (each 25 ml)
Flavours: Fruit (ACTIVATOR 200) or Coffee (ACTIVATOR 100)

Price for 100 ml: 6.80 Euro 

EUR 51.00

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