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Intervista Jan van Berkel

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Ironman athlete Jan van Berkel about his nutrition

Swiss pro triathlete Jan van Berkel is going to race Ironman Switzerland 2019, the very race he was able to win the year before. We were lucky to meet him and ask a few questions before the big day.

Jan, the first highlight of your season is about to start. How do you feel before the Ironman Switzerland?

I have been fully concentrated on this race for months now and I am very much looking forward to race. I am in a good shape. If someone wants to grab my title, he has to perform well - and deserves it.

What is special in your nutrition before a competition?

A NO-Loading with NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 and RED BEET VINITROX is very important for me. Also, I try to reduce the dietary fibres a bit. I increase the carbohydrates three days before the race, but not excessively.

What are the most important food aspects in a long-distance competition?

Individuality: What works for me can be completely wrong for another athlete. And flexibility: In an Ironman there are always unknown situation that throw a nutrition concept overboard. If you stay within a rigid nutrition concept, failure will be guaranteed.

Your biggest nutrition misadventure ever?

At the Inferno Triathlon I used a bottle on the bike that was a bit mouldy. Since the bike has to be parked in the transition zone the day before the race, you can't get to this transition zone on the morning of the race. So, my bottle with the COMPETITION sports drink has already turned acid. When I opened it during the race, the liquid came out like shaken champagne! I therefore stopped at a fountain in order to stay hydrated on my way up to Kleine Scheidegg.

What are your favourite SPONSER products in your everyday life?

1. WHEY PROTEIN 94: High-quality proteins are the cornerstone of my regeneration.
2. PROTEIN LOW CARB BAR Chocolate Brownie: I dip it into homemade peanut butter and get probably the healthiest «Snickers» in the world.
3. ACTIVATOR: Because sometimes there is no good coffee around and sometimes you just need a caffeine boost!

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