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Plant ingredients with strong bioactive efficacy

Numerous foods such as green tea, citrus fruits, chocolate, berries, coffee, herbs and vegetables are rich in polyphenols. These are plant ingredients with a strong bioactive effect. Some of them fight viruses and infections, others protect against oxidative stress.

Those who make their diet as varied and colourful as possible lay a good foundation for getting through the winter in a healthy way. We recommend IMMUNOGUARD to additionally protect against infections and strengthen your defensive forces. The various ingredients of this herbal food supplement strengthen the immune system.

Bermon et al, 2017: Consensus Statement Immunonutrition and Exercise. Exerc Immunol Rev, 23:8-50.

Author: Yvonne Forster

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Immunoguard Info de base
EUR CHF 29.50
  • Renforcement du système immunitaire
  • Sur une base naturelle et végétale - sans additifs
  • Prise : Préventive ou aiguë