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Copyright: Andreas Dobslaff / Ghost Factory Racing Team

Marika Tovo is the newest member of the Ghost Factory Racing Team. The 19-year-old Italian belongs to the «young generation» in Cross Country and has succeeded in shaking up the World Cup in her very first year in the U23 category! In 2018, she found herself on the podium with Sina Frei, finishing in third place in Nove Mesto. At the European Championships in the same year, she took it a step further and finished in second place – right behind her new team mate Sina.

But how did it all begin? Marika’s parents realized early on that their daughter was a true athlete. As a young girl, she hardly ever sat still; she tried skating and dancing and everything in-between. She played basketball like her sister for seven years until her Dad Roberto, an ambitious cyclist himself, convinced her to give mountain biking a try. In the beginning, it did not come easy to her, especially the technical riding skills. «I had no clue how to properly ride a mountain bike.» So she had to admit defeat in her very first race after just a few meters in the rain and mud. But thanks to her grit and passion for the sport, she persevered and moved up to the very top of Italy’s young talents in just a few short years. Today, she trains as often as possible in her home town of Montebello Vicentino, Italy. She finished her degree in fashion design in 2018, along with training and competing in her sport. Marika is a nature-loving young lady who lives and breathes mountain biking, where she can be herself. Going by her colorful tattoo collection, you can guess that she is also an avid animal lover – and has cut meat out of her diet entirely.

Given her ambition, motivation and fitness, we can’t wait to see where Marika will end up. But we are positive that there is a tremendous amount of potential in the Italian power woman. A warm welcome to the Ghost Factory Racing Team!

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