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Introduction to sports nutrition in martial arts

Martial arts include boxing, wrestling, Asian martial arts as well as traditional local sports such as “Schwingen” in Switzerland, a type of wrestling. Apart from technical and cognitive requirements for performance, physical requirements include high-speed strength and strength-endurance as well as a high lactic acid threshold. High-speed strength depends on the ability of the neuromuscular system to perform a movement in the shortest possible time interval, so-called explosive strenth. Repetitive and cyclic movements require a high degree of strength-endurance, a high lactic acid threshold and stamina which rely on the anaerobic lactic system. Training technique and diet focus on targeting the development of specific strength and muscle as well as cognitive performance (concentration, reaction, alertness, precision). Recovery is especially important for anaerobic sports. The stronger a sport depends on anaerobic metabolism, the more significant specific supplements become which may increase lactic acid tolerance.

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