Popular product combination for Ice Hockey

Isotonic Short info
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  • Isotonic thirst quencher for optimal endurance performance
  • Fruity taste, available in 5 flavours
  • Multi-carb formula with electrolytes
Mass Gainer
Mass Gainer Short info
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  • High quality support for trainings with all-in-one character, for ambitious athletes
  • High quality protein sources from cross-flow microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • No artificial sweeteners
Hockey Bottle
Hockey Bottle Short info
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  • free from platizicers and BPA
  • dishwasher safe
  • for cold or warm drinks until 60°C 
Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94
Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94 Short info
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  • Highest quality and value, grass-fed Whey
  • Gentle CFM manufacturing process for unadulterated quality
  • Ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass and improved regeneration
  • Dietary support of weight reduction & convalescence

Introduction to sports nutrition for ice hockey

The nutritional requirements in ice hockey are similar to those in most ball or team sports. These are sports with repetitive, high-intensity, aerobic-lactacid strength and endurance performance factors. In ice hockey, however, the anaerobic-lactacid proportions are significantly higher than, for example, in football, due to the short, high-intensity block action. The demands on a purpose-oriented diet are particularly high, not least because of the typically high match and training frequency and the concomitant need for fast regeneration. In elite sports, the physical preservation and energy management during the long seasons and tournament phases are at the forefront.

Those who stand on the ice field once or twice a week with fun and pleasure as their main drive, and who want to cover their basic needs for energy and fluid practically and purposefully, are already well covered with sports drinks and bars. In competitive sports, on the other hand, the energy supply plays a central role, because the body's own energy stores are not sufficient for a duration of 3 x 20 minutes, with added breaks and various time-outs. Therefore, sports drinks containing carbohydrates or LIQUID ENERGY Gels are also very important. The latter provide very fast energy, can be taken conveniently and do not strain the digestion. Classic sports drinks such as ISOTONIC provide fluid replacement during the break as well as rapid rehydration after the game. Players with high perspiration losses and cramp tendency benefit from the MUSCLE RELAX Shot. The various SPONSER® energy bars are ideal snacks before training or during journeys.

Ice hockey players also benefit very much from creatine. The fast-acting, sprint and interval-like form of exercise is classically predestined for creatine supplementation. Creatine is also classically used in the strength and muscle building phase. SPONSER® also has special PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZER in its range. NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 or RED BEET VINITROX contain nutrients which support the nitroxide metabolism (NO). These have a vasodilatory effect, thus increasing microcirculation and having a positive influence on both performance and regeneration. Also very suitable products in ice hockey are BETA ALANINE and LACTAT BUFFER, which can act as intracellular and extracellular acid buffers, respectively, and thus offer an increased tolerance to muscle acidosis due to lactacid stress. Increased lactate tolerance is a critical success factor in sports such as ice hockey.

In addition to physical performance, cognitive and mental performance factors are also decisive in ice hockey. The ability to react and concentrate as well as attention are central elements for a successful team, especially for the goalkeeper. Caffeine demonstrably increases performance in this area. It is taken about 30 to 60 minutes before the desired time of action. Since individuals react differently to caffeine, the use of ACTIVATOR should be tested in different dosages. SPONSER® also offers MENTAL FOCUS, which is formulated without caffeine, but also targets cognitive and mental performance.

Protein-carbohydrate shakes such as RECOVERY DRINK or PRO RECOVERY are recommended to promote recovery. These products are available on a milk or water basis as well as in multi-portion cans or sachets, selectable according to preference and use. Those who travel a lot also pay special attention to infection prophylaxis and strengthening the immune system. This cannot always be optimally implemented. The risk of getting an infection is significantly higher with travelling athletes, in training camps and at major crowdy events. In addition to a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, the multi-nutrient preparation IMMUNOGUARD provides the athlete with important immuno-active substances.


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