Stephanie Kröll

Photos: provided by the athlete


Athlete information

Stephanie Kröll
  • Stephanie Kröll
  • Sport Trail Running
  • Team Team Mountainshop Hörhager
  • Sponser since 2021
  • Country Austria
  • Birthday 07. February 1990

Why Sponser?

Because the products are well tolerated and provide the necessary boost during extreme activities. Plus, the contact with the SPONSER staff is always very positive.


● Transalpine Run 2019 and 2021: 1st place Mixed (with Martin Kaschmann)
● FKT Berlin High Trail
● Matterhorn Ultraks Extreme 1st place (Skyrunning World Series)

Product recommendation from Stephanie Kröll

Liquid Energy BCAA
Liquid Energy BCAA Short info
EUR CHF 2.70
  • Liquid carbohydrate gel with the amino acids BCAA
  • Enriched with sodium, potassium and taurine
  • Resealable, easy dosage and handling
Pro Recovery
Pro Recovery Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Protein-carbohydrate recovery shake
  • 44 – 50% protein
  • Unique combination of  7 protein sources, incl. colostrum, and complex carbohydrates
  • No sweeteners
Protein Choco Almonds
Protein Choco Almonds Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • high-quality whey protein
  • low-sugar, no added sugar
  • high in unsaturated fatty acids
Protein 50
Protein 50 Short info
EUR CHF 2.60
  • Only 2 g of impact carbs in a bar
  • Very tasty chocolate bar with 50% of proteins
  • Without choco coating