TRI Circuit 2019

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TRI Circuit is the name of the national triathlon series for amateur athletes, which consists of 11 events in all parts of Switzerland. The competitions take place at the most beautiful locations in Switzerland: on steel-blue lakes in the Mittelland, in front of breathtaking mountain scenery in Central Switzerland or the Bernese Oberland, as well as in the middle of urban centres and tourist hotspots.

The 2019 TRI Circuit will kick off with the Walliseller Triathlon on 13-14 April, which was initiated by Sven Riederer. The usual events in Zug and Spiez will follow as well as the Sempachersee Triathlon in Nottwil in July. The date for the Uri Triathlon in Seedorf has been postponed by one month to August 3rd. The two Swiss classics Nyon and Uster will also be held in August. Because the Seelandtriathlon Murten is part of the TRI Circuit again, two events will take place in September 2019. First, on the weekend of 8/9 September, the events in Yverdon and Locarno. A week later, the decision will be made in Murten and Davos on 14/15 September.

Competition catering from SPONSER
With the exception of the competition in Zug, SPONSER® is responsible as catering partner at all TRI Circuit events. It is worthwhile testing the products of the Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer early on in training and competition if you want to get your best performance on day X. In cooperation with triathlon pro athlete Ruedi Wild, the sponser.com website offers numerous valuable nutrition tips for triathlon beginners, experts and elite athletes.

Registrations for the TRI Circuit 2019 are already open for most races. It's worth registering early! www.tricircuit.ch

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