Interview Tadesse Abraham

PHOTO: provided by samm group

Marathon runner Tadesse Abraham on his way to the World Athletics Championships in Doha

You hardly have to present Tadesse Abraham to marathon runners anymore. Since the European Marathon Championships in Berlin 2018, where he won the silver medal, he is well known all over Europe. In March 2016, the athlete from LC Uster set up a new Swiss marathon record (2:06:40). And only a few months later, Tadesse Abraham became European Champion in the half marathon in Amsterdam with a time of 1:02:03. No wonder that the athlete has set himself ambitious goals for the 2019 World Championships in Athletics in Doha.

Tadesse, what are your personal plans for the World Championships in the Qatari capital?

I'm already really looking forward to my start in the marathon, and the preparations are going very well. My goal at the World Championship in Doha is to run as fast as I do in training. Then one of the three medals should be within reach.

What role do you think the warm, relatively humid climate of Doha will play on competition day?

The weather is an important factor. I will take certain precautions against the heat and be strategic in the competition so that I can play to my advantage. In any case, the marathon will not be a fast marathon because of the heat.

How do you plan your meals during the marathon in Doha? Again with the 21 small, accurately labelled SPONSER bottles as we know them from you?

Yes, of course. As always, I will have many small bottles provided for me. That way I'll get enough fluid during the race. Furthermore, my nutrition strategy in Doha is no different from the one I use in other marathons: In the three or four days before the start I use the CARBO LOADER.

Do you also take gels during the marathon or do you consume only liquids?

During the race I only drink. One hour before the start of the marathon I take an ACTIVATOR to feel awake and ready. Shortly before the start I take a LIQUID ENERGY GEL.