Vinitrox Pepto

Vinitrox Pepto
Jar of 160 capsules
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Protein and amino acid supplements support training outcome and recovery of athletes. Intense physical activity triggers an increased need of arginine and ornithine. Nucleotides for their part, deliver the primary building blocks for cell synthesis. Ribose is a sugar of RNA and the nucleotides. Whey protein hydrolisate CFM Nitro® from Cross Flow Microfiltration provides protein in fast bioavailable peptide form. ViNitroxTM is an extract from grapes and apples. These fruits contain natural phytosubstances (polyphenols).


  • bioactive peptides (Whey CFM Nitro TM) could in clinical pilot study enhance the NOS enzyme activity and thereby the vascular NO production by factor 9 to 12.
  • Nucleotides the primary building blocks of cells
  • Ribose, a sugar of RNA and nucleotides plays a role in the ATP production and reduces time of recovery
  • BioPerine TM, black pepper extract, enhances the bioavailability of other substances.


2-3 capsules shortly before or after exercise.

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