Whey Isolat CFM (pouch)

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WHEY ISOLATE CFM of the Swiss quality brand SPONSER® is a scientifically designed whey protein isolate, which optimally covers the daily protein requirements for a successful muscle building. The excellent quality (170 according to Oser) of the very pure whey protein (100% Whey Protein Isolate) as well as a gentle and natural manufacturing process (CFM) emphasize our quality standards.

- highest level of quality without compromises (high-end)
- extremely high and record near protein content
- very high biological value (170 according to Oser)
- gentle manufacturing process CFM
- optimal amino acid profile for muscle building
- lactose-free, low in fat and carbohydrates, natural
- excellent taste and solubility
- swiss made in 6 various flavours



- Pouch of  2000 g (price per 100 g: 4.37 Euro for neutral taste, 4.22 Euro for the flavored) 
- Can of  1500 g (price per 100 g: 4.50 Euro for the neutral taste, 4.30 Euro for the flavored) 

EUR 67.50

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