Protein 50 Bar

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Proteins serve a growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. Protein 50 is a multi protein bar based on 5 protein components. Thanks to its high protein content of 35 g per bar, it can replace a protein shake and is therefore a particularly appropriate source of protein to be taken on the way.

–          Only 2 g of impact carbs in a bar
–          Very tasty protein bar with 50% of proteins
–          Without choco coating
–          Lactose poor

BDA Grafik



Display 20 x 70 g (only in Chocolate)
Display 25 x 50 g (only in Berry-Vanilla)

Bar 70 g (only in Chocolate)
Bar 50 g (only in Berry-Vanilla)

Flavour: Chocolate, Berry-Vanilla

Price per 100 g:

Bar Chocolate 70 g   3,21 €
Bar Berry-Vanilla 50 g   3,80 €

EUR 2.00

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